Hurricane Electric Introduces Web Based Email

Fremont, California - January 21, 2002 - Hurricane Electric, a leading Technical Service Provider, recently announced that it will begin offering free web based email services to their customers in order to provide them with yet another way to use their accounts.

Web based email will essentially allow every Hurricane Electric customer to access their email from any location via a web browser without having to directly connect to their server.

"Our email solution has been an essential project that we have been working on for some time," said Jason Meyer, network engineer for Hurricane Electric. "The goal has always been to provide a solution that would be appreciated and used by the largest group of our customers."

Hurricane Electric's web based email is similar to existing webmail providers such as Yahoo! And Hotmail. Each user can access a stored address book, create new folders and set language preferences, along with composing, receiving and replying to messages.

Customers that have accessed this new service have already seen the advantages of using a web based email system to check their Hurricane Electric account.

"Hurricane Electric's webmail system rocks!" said Paul Jensen, president of Foreign Key Technologies. "It's a great value-add."

"Web based email is one added service that Hurricane Electric is offering their customers," said Meyer. "This project is part of the company's mission to provide customers with the most functionality their service has to offer."

In an attempt to allow customers to expand their web operations, Hurricane Electric also recently upgraded their hosting plans to include more storage and traffic without an increase in pricing.

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